Monty’s Christmas Special

Mont’s Christmas Special is a fun little throwback to the c64 days where our little vision impaired friend was a gaming icon.

I can’t remember when I made this but I made it for Retro Gamer┬ámagazine’s Christmas give away with the talented Mr Trevor Storey.

It’s a Christmas platform adventure in the style of Monty on the Run/Auf Wiedersehen Monty.
You must collect all the pages of the Christmas issue that have been scattered before the Tyrannical editor Darren becomes cross!

There are 4 “levels” of varying difficulty where you must collect all the retro gamer pages.
It starts off quite tough and goes a little downhill from there!

Trevor introduces you gently to the game, then I tag in at level 2.
Sorry about that!
I’ve heard my levels described as *c*n*y*.

Anyway, it is a fun festive game and will certainly challenge any platform fan.

Grab it HERE.

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