A Very Magic Christmas

A Very Magic Christmas is a “Fan Game” based in the Magic Knight universe.
A universe penned by 8 bit guru and all round good guy David Jones who has actually resurfaced and is working on new Magic Knight material!
He’s given my Finders Keepers remake his seal of approval and is currently having a look at this very title!

Another 8 bit favourite of mine, Magic Knight starred in a series of 4 games.
The first , Finders Keepers, is more of a straight platformer with adventure elements.
The following sequels, Spellbound, Knight Tyme and Stormbringer were more adventures with platform elements.
Those are the ones my fan game is based on.

The game uses a simplified version of the Windimation system found in the aforementioned adventure games.
You interact with the world in the usual platform fare but a stab of the menu button brings up “windimation”.
A menu system that allows you to manipulate objects, interact with characters and cast spells.

To the story!

Gimble the silly old geezer has only gone and trapped himself in a white out spell again.
He usually acts as Santa for the children of Spriteland so they all get a present.
This year however, he decided to try a shortcut by using his magic and made a mess of it.

Hearing the news on the way to the annual Knight’s Christmas party Magic Knight decides to help out his mentor.
Santa hat donned, Magic Knight decides to save Christmas.

Grab it HERE.

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