A Very Dizzy Christmas

A Very Dizzy Christmas is another in my line of Christmas games.
Another step up my personal game making evolutionary ladder.
Taking what I’d learned on my previous platform games and refining the engine from my first Dizzy game, I managed a fairly large Christmas adventure title.

More a new entity in the style of rather than a sequel to Dizzy’s Bad Day.
Built upon a tweaked engine with the rough edges sanded off, this game is a smoother play.
Also gone is the 18 rating and the obscene humour of Dizzy’s Bad Day!
Hey, it’s a family Christmas game after all!

Your mission is to save the Santa Egg who has been kidnapped by Zakks who wants to keep Christmas all to himself.
Rather than be helpful, the Yolk Folk do the usual and keep key items from you until you complete a task for them.
Wouldn’t make for much of a game otherwise I guess!

Traverse the wintery landscape interacting with the yolk folk to progress to the final confrontation with Zakks and save Christmas.
All puzzles have a nice wintery/Christmassy theme and the puzzles are not too taxing so wrap up warm and enjoy a festive adventure!

Grab the game HERE.

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