A Very Willy Christmas 2

A Very Willy Christmas 2 is the end result of my first attempt at a custom platform engine.
For a first go, it turned out no too bad!
It was a good learning experience and at the time, I was chuffed to bits with the result.

As the title suggests, this is the sequel to A Very Willy Christmas.
A continuation of my platform game making journey and my new found apparent Christmas game fetish!
I honestly can’t mind how that started.
It must have been the Christmas leave from work on the days I wasn’t out on the sauce.
Or maybe I made these on the sauce.
Would certainly explain a few things!

The game differs from part 1 in that I’ve went more traditional.
Gone is the scrolling and in comes the original flip screen style.
Also there is death by falling too far and ramps, more akin to the speccy original.

The premise is the same.
Collect all the flashing objects while avoiding the baddies.
Once you have them all, the exit opens allowing you to complete the game and see the AMAZING ( may be a lie – Ed ) end sequence.

Grab the game HERE.

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