A Very Willy Christmas

Ahhhh……A Very Willy Christmas, what can I say about it?

Well it’s the first time since the Spectrum 48k and C64 era that I put pixel to screen!
I had used the awesome Jetset Willy editor on the Spectrum by John Elliot.
I pottered ( pottered Scottige, really? you’re getting old man! ) around with that and created a few rooms.
As fun as it was I wanted to try my hand at creating my own version from scratch.

A quick Google ( or was it Ask Jeeves at the time? ) later turned up the Games Factory by Clickteam.
A visual game creator with a built in platform engine.
Later years would steer me towards Multimedia Fusion and custom engines but for young me at the time without a single scooby how to even display a sprite, it done the job.

Anyway, I digress. To the game.

Well, the premise of Jet-Set Willy is………who am I kidding,if you don’t know JSW, then you’re on the wrong site.
Just in case, it’s simple.
Walk and jump round the landscape collecting all the items while avoiding the baddies.
Collect ‘em all and the exit opens.
In this case, that snooty b***h Maria will let you get to your bed.

Now let me set your expectations.
This game is awful, no really!
It’s buggy, poorly designed and the graphics are crap and you know what, I love it!

It’s the first PC game I ever made and it shows but it holds a special place!
I hope you get a little fun from it and you never know, you may get a laugh from it!
It’s like watching a really bad Christmas movie during the season.
Car crashingly compelling!

Grab the game HERE.

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